Read our frequently asked questions and answers to them below. If you still have some questions, you can contact us through contact page or Facebook.

What is airsoft?

Airsoft is relaxed sport where you “fight” with gun replicas that shoot small (bio)plastic balls, aka “bb’s”. Bb’s don’t leave paint mark when they hit (like paintball do). All players are required to use airsoft spec protection gear when playing. Read more from Wikipedia.

Who runs these games?

Behind our association are several airsoft enthusiasts and game organizers with years of experience. All our organizers are of legal age. You can see our team here.

When and where games are held?

We mainly organize games only during summer. Confirmed game days can be found from our webpages and Kuulaportti-service. Currently we have two game fields in Espoo: Konala and Juvanmalmi

Do I need to register to games? 

Yes, registering is mandatory through Kuulaportti-service. If you are first timer* and want to come try airsoft, you can attend games without registering and even if the player limit is full. However, remember to contact us if you need rental gear.
(* First timer is participant who has no experience on airsoft and want’s to try it out. Not a player who comes first time to our games! Idea is that player limit doesn’t prevent from trying this sport)

How much do games cost?

Game fee is 5 € on our game fields. You can pay with MobilePay or with cash.

What is the age limit?

Our age limit for games is 13 years. We recommend that younger players come to the games with an older supervisor

Players under 18 years old are required to use full face protection (for example goggles and lower face mask) and provide us with guardians permit. You can download printable permit form from here.

What do I need to take with me?

Players need to have airsoft spec safety glasses or goggles. You can purchase these goggles from all airsoft stores. Other goggles like ones made for skiing, firework sending etc. are not suitable for airsoft use.

To prevent accidents, we strongly suggest to use shoes that provide good support to ankle. You can use normal outdoor wear that can get a bit dirty, camo suit is not mandatory.

We move a lot and many times fast in games so take enough to drink during the games. We don’t always have water outlet available on game fields.

Player also needs to have red and yellow armbands, orange “dead rag” (about 30x30xm) and means to pay game fee. Underaged players also need face protection or full face mask goggles and permit form signed by their guardian.

How do I find game organizer on site?

Organizers have orange caps when in offgame area, with Pew-Pew.fi logo. During the game, most organizers use orange Pew-Pew.fi patch. Patch in this color is only in use by organizers.

I think someone is breaking the rules, what should I do?

Take it to organizers. If it’s not very serious, you can approach organizer between games and tell him what you saw. If situation might cause immediate danger to other players, try to find organizer ingame (look for that orange patch) and tell him about it immediately. You can look for organizer in middle of the game by walking with your hand raised and/or with deadrag visible. This means you are not ingame. In many cases, there is also one organizer at offgame are during the game.

Can I buy stuff like arm bands, bb’s or green gas from games?

We might have some random stuff available for sale, for example Tippman bio bb’s, arm bands, green gas and co2 capsels. You can also order stuff from our commercial partner Sissos.com and choose delivery method “Pick up from next Pew-Pew.fi games”. Orders made before 3pm on game day will be delivered to same day games.

I’d like to try it out, can I borrow gear?

We have rental gear! Check it out from here.

Before attending to games, read our rules here!