Rules uses a set of rules that are based on years of experience and have been found to be working well. Full list of rules can be found in end of this page but here you can find most important ones to get you going.

What you need when coming to the site:

  • Eye protection, ballistic or paintball/airsoft rated
  • Red and yellow arm-band for identification and death-rag, orange
  • Attendance fee: 5 €. We accept cash (exact change please!) or Mobilepay
  • Hydration, water
  • Face-protection, compulsory for minors, recommended for everybody

It is very important to protect or at least cover all areas of the body which can be harmed by airsoft BB’s or the environmental hazards. Protecting your eyes and teeth is absolutely important at all times! To prevent these unfortunate mishaps, eye-protection is to be kept on all the time when game is on and moving around the field. It is also highly recommended to use protection also in off-game areas. We require under 18 year old players to use closed goggles with headband – ballistic “shooter glasses” are not approved for minors. Mesh eye protection is not approved for minors and we strongly recommend not to use them even if you are over 18 years old. The orange death rag is to mark you’re out of the game. Try not to shoot people with orange rag visible.

Run of the Pew-Pew-day:

  1. When you arrive, take your gear to the off-game area.
  2. Come to the registration stand (have the money or Mobilepay app with you already)
  3. When you’ve registered, you’ll get a “chronotag.” Keep this with you until the chronoing of your gun.
  4. Take your weapon(s) and the chronotag to the chrono site; REMEMBER YOUR GOGGLES!
  5. Chrono your weapon(s). Once your weapon(s) passes the test, give your chronotag to the organizer at the chrono site.
  6. Get yourself ready, preferably before the briefing starts. If you need the briefing in English, PLEASE MAKE SURE THE ORGANIZERS ARE AWARE OF THIS!

Attitude of the players:

  • Remember that we are playing with toy guns and having a blast together. Airsoft is based on honesty and sportsmanship. Keep you attitude positive, help each other and have fun. Share the good stuff and we will have good games and new players in future!
  • It’s understandable that one wants to play on the same side with the pals. But please do understand that sometimes you need to verse your best friends for the balance sake. It might be challenging, but fun! Our idea is not to split group of friends but sometimes it must be done. You have been warned. One of the biggest motivators for us is to get new players to the airsoft, please take take good care of these new guys!
  • All the bullying and discrimination is forbidden and will lead to ban from our games!

Most important rules:

  • Power limit is 1.4J, semi only
    • NOTICE! All airsoft replicas that are used in game must be passed through chrono. It is players own responsibility to take care of this. Random tests are carried out during games. Over powered airsoft replica on game field leads to immeadiate removal from game and might lead to game ban.
  • No burst or binary triggers
  • Bio bbs only
  • One needs to know what he is shooting, no blind fire
  • No overshooting
  • No pre-shooting
  • No shooting in Offgame area
  • Adjusting the hop etc. will be done on field or dedicated areas
  • Physical Integrity, do not touch anyone without their exact permission to do so, medic and knifing rules are only exceptions
  • Pyrotechnic devices are forbidden. Allowed grenades are green gas operated bb & banger nades and nades that use kids toy caps.
  • Do not climb over or onto the field constructs
  • Listen to the instructions and obey game masters!


  • Game Masters or their representatives will record different materials in games and they will be used in stakeholders social medias etc.
  • Players are allowed to take photos and records video as they please, remember to respect other people’s privacy.


As organizers, we try to keep games as safe as possible. We monitor usage of protective gear an advice for safe gameplay. There is always organizer with first aid capabilities on site and all players are adviced how to act if accidents occur.

Every player participates games at one’s own risk. Organizers do not take responsibility of accidents. Players are not insured by organizing staff. Players take full responsibility of consequences that might follow if they actively avoid or ignore security procedures.

Accidents and worse injuries than bruises are very rare in airsoft games.

Age limit is 13 years. All minors need a written permission from their guardian. You need to present this permission to the organizers only once.

Permission template can be found here in printable form.

If you can’t print form, minor’s guardian can also give permission by Facebook message or our contact form.


CLICK HERE TO OPEN full rules in english

1. General

  • All games are run by official representative.
  • All the players are obliged to bring red and yellow armband for team identification.
  • Armband is to be shown clearly in left arm during the games.

1.1 Accepted guns and protection devices

  • All the guns that are specially built for airsoft use are allowed in our games.
  • If you have something special, please consult the game master.
  • Goggles that are for airsoft or paintball use are allowed, also real ballistic eye-protection is allowed, (for players above 18 years old).
  • Mesh eye-protection is not approved for players under 18 years old and we do not recommend their use even if you are over 18.
  • If you have something special, please consult the game master.
  • Face-mask is compulsory for under aged persons and highly recommended for all the players.
  • Real Steel blades and / or sharp objects are not allowed during the gameplay. Multitools and similar tools are allowed.
  • Pyrotechnic devices are forbidden. Allowed grenades are green gas operated bb & banger nades and nades that use kids toy caps.
  • Grenades are always thrown underhand. All buildings have imaginery roof, so you can only throw grenade in from doors and windows.
  • Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike (and similar “fast-burst”) grenades have 10 meters minimum safe distance. We expect players to use them responsibly.
  • VANT / Shields are allowed only in special game-modes.
  • If you have something special, please consult the game master.
  • Only Bio-bbs
  • Laser pointers are prohibited.
  • Gunlights must be in reasonable lumens. If gunlight is clearly too powerfull, we may prohibit its use.

1.2 Power limits and safety

  • 1.4J with used game bb, hop up adjusted.
  • All the used guns will be tested every time.
  • All the players have to know their blasters power level.
  • Random chronoing will happen time to time between the games.
  • No MED (minimum engagement distance).
  • No bang rule (pointing your gun to opposing player in close range and saying “bang” instead of shooting – always take the shot)
  • Try to avoid head shots.
  • No overshooting (don’t shoot opposing player excessively, stop shooting immediately when it is obvious he/she took the hit)

1.3 Attitude, responsibility etc.

  • games are ran in accodrance to a Finnish legislation. All the players are responsible for their own acts, material and gear.
  • Game Masters will take care of the lost and found.
  • If you find something in the field, deliver it to the Game Master or pass the information.
  • Remember that the airsoft is fun sport what is based on sportsmanship and honesty, we are here to have fun, not “beat enemy to the ground”. Airsoft in our case is not an competition.
  • Violation of our rules / unsportsmanship will lead to a person to be removed from the site and temporary / permanent ban from the games.
  • All the crimes will be reported to police

1.4 Drugs and alcohol

  • Playing under the influence is forbidden, if you take something, you won’t play.

2.0 During the game

  • In the field, safety-glasses are mandated to kept on.
  • Wearing eye-protection between the games is recommended.
  • No excess yelling or shouting regarding hit taking etc.
  • We can solve these issues after the game or with the help of game master
  • Obey all the rules!

2.1 Problem Situations

  • In case of dangerous situation all the players are obliged to stop the game and get help by yelling “PELI SEIS / GAME STOP”.
  • When this happens, all the players will repeat the PELI SEIS and stop playing. Moving during the pause is not allowed.
  • Only game master is allowed to continue the game.
  • Game starts by yelling and repeating “PELI JATKUU”.
  • In case of emergency all the players are obliged to help how best they can. Minimum is to contact game master who can solve the situation
    Example cases:
    If there is outside person in the field who does not belong to the game,
    Accident in the field,
    Someones eye-protection fells off or breaks, 
    Misc. situations like forest fire etc.

2.2 Starting and ending the game

  • Game master will usually start and end the round.
  • Start by yelling: “PELI KÄY”.
  • In the beginning of the round, both teams will confirm the readiness by yelling “VALMIS” to each other. One who yels confirmation first will start the game if needed after the last team has confirmed the readiness.
  • End by yelling: “PELI OHI”

2.3 Player, during the game

  • Use common sense.
  • There is no need to overshoot.
  • No physical contact to the other players, “knifing” is allowed.
  • Knifing will happen touching the other player with two hands. “Knifed” then acts the silent death and is out of that round.
  • Shoot until opposing player shows he/her is hit, sometimes people won’t notice the first shot, shoot again.
  • You need to see the target when shooting, no blind fire.
  • No shooting through the smaller holes than your head, inside the 5 meters.

2.4 Player, after the hit

  • One hit counts everywhere to ones body and gear, ricochets are not counted as a hit.
  • When you get hit, loudly yell “HIT / OSUMA” and take out your death rag, dead dont talk!
  • If there is no medic rule or you have ran out of lives. Wait a bit that situation clears and move away from the game. Don’t walk through the fight, let live players play.
  • Before entering the off-game area, remove the mag and shoot few semi shots gun upside won to a safe direction.

2.5 Medic Rules – when applied to the round

  • If you are wounded, don’t stay up standing, keep death rag visible.
  • You can only yell medic / lääkintämies, no guidance to the other players.
  • Healing happens by moving the arm band to other hand. By live player from your side.
  • Player can be healed once per round, if there is no special rule.
  • Wounded player can be “knifed”.
  • Wounded player can leave to off game whenever they want.
  • Common sense for bleed out-time

3.0 Offgame

  • Everybody is responsible for their own gear in offgame area.
  • When you come to the field or after the round, load your mags and be ready for next round. Being late is stealing gametime from other players.
  • Do not shoot or adjust the hop when game is on if you are in the off game, it disturbs the players.
  • Keep field clean, trash to the bin or take it with you.
  • Wearing eye protection in offgame area is highly recommended reserves right to change the rules if needed